Emotional Fluidity Movement

Did you know that movement is an incredible healing modality for your life, allowing you to release tension, stress, and unprocessed emotions?

Join Nritya on this curated 3-hour journey into the depths of your being. Be taken on a deep, guided yet uniquely individual journey. Unpeel the layers of what is no longer serving you, and allow it to be expressed, witnessed, and released.

A guided, individual form of an ecstatic dance where you get to go on your own journey in a very safe, held way.

Each person has their own allocated dance area. This is a solo journey where you do not interact with others to create a safe space for the parts of you that long to be witnessed and felt.

* No experience necessary

What is this all about?

Unique workshop flow of safe exploration, insight, and group sharing to ground. Each workshop focuses on different topics and emotions. The more you do this practice, the more the teachings become a daily part of your being.

This is a workshop designed to help you go deeper within yourself, building a relationship of love, respect and compassion to your emotions.

Everything is welcome here, every part of yourself. This is a safe space of self-expression, discovery, authenticity and vulnerability. A guided journey into emotions that may be stuck in your body and how to move them, with full freedom to be with exactly what is alive for you and your own journey.

Come discover ways to go deeper within yourself, peeling the layers that no longer serve you and come into a deeper sense of embodiment and joy.

Your Practitioner

Nritya has been dancing since she was a teenager. Her background is in Latin dance, and she has developed a passion for fusing her psychology and therapy background with dance due to its deep medicine.

Her mission is to bring others into fuller states of joy, authenticity, love and acceptance for all parts of themselves and life. She is also a holistic therapist among many modalities and is a trained hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, color light therapist, life coach to name a few.

She takes her experience of the tough times in life, and shares her medicine with the world through the language she speaks best. Movement.